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What does CES offer?
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What will this event deliver?

- Attend a pre-event corporate workshop on corporate PPAs to understand the basics of negotiating Power Purchase Agreements as a corporation
- Understand the impact of a changing energy landscape and what role corporates have in driving the renewable energy uptake in Europe
- Hear success stories directly from the corporates who have reached 100% electricity and beyond
- Find out more about the different EU national markets and regulatory frameworks, and what impact they have on corporate clean energy sourcing
- Take part in exclusive workshops on project development, handling risks, corporate PPAs, renewable energy certificates or onsite generation
- Learn more about the new risks your business is facing and what clean energy sourcing solutions can fit your organisation
- Discuss financing instruments, and how to make renewable energy procurement a cost effective solution
- Debate ways to involve smaller businesses in the corporate clean energy sourcing movement

-    Knowledge sharing, and the opportunity to learn about the specifics of corporate clean energy sourcing, and regional regulatory and market differences
-    Workshops and roundtables enabling in-depth discussions and greater interaction between all attendees
-    A platform to create new business partnerships, thanks to our networking app – through which participants can get in touch and set up meetings before, during, and after the event!

- Developer/IPP/Utility -   25%
- Corporate Buyers   - 25%
- Expert Consultants   - 10%
- Banks & Financiers  -  10%
- Electricity Traders  -  10%
- Government/Association  -  6%
- Lawyers  -  5%
- Press  -  5%
- Technology Supplier  -  4%  

- Guarantees of Origin – contractual tracking instruments to show guarantee the origin of the electricity, prevent fraud and ensure additionality
- PPAs – for both onsite and offsite energy generation agreed by an IPP and a corporate
- Direct/Physical PPA’s vs Virtual/Financial PPA’s – in-depth exploration of the variety of contracts 
- Utility Green Tariffs 
 - Self Consumption and Onsite Projects – onsite and offsite systems owned or leased by the corporate 

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5 reasons to attend CES Europe


Create business with corporate energy managers and decision-makers across the whole value chain. 



Get access to CES Europe’s networking event app, and set up the event.



Keep up to speed with a fast evolving market, and make sure your organiation is playing its role in the transition to a 100% electricity system.



Learn about the latest corporate clean energy sourcing trends, and hear best practice solutions from leaders in the field.



Attend specialized workshops on risk management, corporate PPAs, renewable energy certificates and more!


The unstoppable and necessary leapfrog to a decarbonised, decentralized and digitalized energy system is well underway. Corporations and industrials consume about two thirds of the world’s electricity – the industrial sector alone being responsible for 54% of energy consumption globally – and they have a vital role to play in driving the clean energy system of tomorrow. 

With over 15 years of global renewable energy events expertise, Green Power Global is launching the Corporate Energy Series in Europe, on 21-22 May 2019 in Paris, France. CES Europe will be bringing together the largest Global and European energy buyers across Europe to share and discuss their business-critical clean energy sourcing decisions.


Corporate Energy Series offers bespoke branding and thought-leadership opportunities that will be tailor-made to your company’s needs. Showcase your projects, generate leads and get face time with all your clients and prospects.



Corporate Energy Series will unite over 200 senior level attendees over 2 days from across the value chain. Experience this summit as a delegate and find key opportunities to establish business contacts and pitch potential new clients.



We're looking for experts and enthusiasts with concrete case studies of project success to share. Get in touch with why you believe you could add value to the clean energy marketplace.




Get in touch to discuss how YOUR company can be directly involved in Coporate Energy Series. Complete this form and we will be in touch.



Oliver Sawyer, Business Development Manager